Issue 1: Rich media content doesn't appear if RealPlayer is installed

The RealPlayer functionality, Downloading & Recording, has compatibility issues with Flash Player 11.3. If RealPlayer is installed, Flash Player content does not appear. YouTube provides an error message when you try to watch a video.

As a workaround, do the following:

  1. Start RealPlayer.

  2. Click the RealPlayer icon in the upper-left corner and select Preferences.

    Select preferences
  3. Select Download & Recording in the left menu and deselect Enable Web Download & Recording for These Installed Browsers option.

    Deselect Enable Web Download and Recording
  4. Click OK and restart Mozilla Firefox.

Issue 2: Flash Player crashes when you go to the Full screen mode of a video

An outdated graphic card or driver can cause this issue.
Do the following:

  1. Disable hardware acceleration. For more details, see Disable Flash Player hardware acceleration.
  2. Verify whether the video works without any issues in the full screen mode.
    1. If Flash Player doesn't crash, update the graphic card or driver. Then, enable hardware acceleration.
    2. If Flash Player crashes, note that in Adobe Bugbase.

Issue 3: Flash Player crashes when you close Mozilla Firefox

Solution: Update to Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1 version.

More troubleshooting steps

Test the extensions by trying Firefox in the Safe mode

  1. Choose Start > Run.

  2. Type firefox.exe -safe-mode and press Enter.

    Run dialog box
  3. Click Continue in Safe Mode.

    Continue in Safe Mode button
  4. See if you have issues with Flash Player.

  5. If you don't have issues, restart Firefox.

  6. Click Tools > Add-ons. Disable all the extensions.

  7. Start enabling the extensions one-by-one until you can reproduce the issue.

Create a different Firefox profile

  1. Choose Start > Run.

  2. Type firefox.exe -p and press Enter.

    Type command in Run dialog box
  3. Select Create Profile > Next.

    Choose User Profile dialog box
  4. Enter the new profile name as Test and click Finish.

  5. Select Test and click Start Firefox.

  6. If the problem still exists, follow step 1 and 2 to switch back to your old profile.

  7. Select the old account (typically default) and click Start Firefox.

Use a clean Windows profile

  1. Choose Start > User Accounts.

  2. Select Manage User Accounts.

  3. If a security warning appears, click OK and then click Add.

  4. Enter Test as the user name and leave the domain name as blank and click Finish.

  5. Log out of the computer and log back in as Test.

Report a Flash Player crash to Adobe

If the problem still persists, record it in Adobe Bugbase.

Provide the following:

  • Direct link to the page that resulted in the crash
  • Description about the operation you performed which resulted in the crash
  • Firefox crash logs

For more details, see Report a Flash Player crash.

To install a previous version of Flash Player, see How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player.