With avHardwareDisable enabled in the mms.cfg file, IT administrators can disable Audio/Video devices on client desktops across the enterprise on all websites. However, in an enterprise, some websites use Audio/Video devices to present content. With the avHardwareDisable parameter enabled, you cannot selectively enable these devices on client desktops.

Note: The parameter avHardwareDisable completely disables any Flash content interaction with Audio/Video devices like Microphone and webcam installed on the client desktop. 


Administrators have to add the parameter avHardwareEnabledDomain and the IP Address of the website to mms.cfg. Add a new line for each website that needs access to these installed devices. These websites would then be white-listed. This parameter follows the avHardwareDisable setting in the configuration file mms.cfg.

For example (for

AVHardwareDisable = 1   
AVHardwareEnabledDomain = 

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