ActiveX is a technology that allows web developers to create interactive content on their sites, but it can also pose a security risk. As you browse the Web, you may encounter webpages that don't work properly unless you install an ActiveX control. ActiveX controls are browser plugins that enable many rich web experiences. However, many of these controls are written by third parties, and Microsoft cannot guarantee their quality or safety.

Internet Explorer allows you to use ActiveX Filtering to block ActiveX controls for all sites to browse the Web without running any ActiveX controls, and then be able to turn them back on for only the sites that you trust.

For more information about ActiveX Filtering, see ActiveX Filtering.

If you are getting errors containing ActiveX issues for Adobe Flash Player, turn off ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer:

  1. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > ActiveX Filtering to turn ActiveX on or off.

    Choose Tools > ActiveX Filtering