Imported images are being replaced by red boxes when viewed in the Flash player.


Generally this will occur when there is not enough RAM allocated to Flash or to the player.


Allocate more RAM to both the Flash application and the Player.

To allocate more RAM follow these steps:

  1. Quit out of Flash. (File > Quit.)

    Open the Flash folder and click once on the Flash icon to select it.
  2. Select Command-I to open the Info box. (If in OS 8.5+, click the pop-up menu next to Show and select Memory.)
  3. In the Preferred Size field, enter a larger number than the one currently listed and press return.
  4. Close the Info box.

Additional Information

Red boxes in the Flash player can also be caused by using OLE inserted objects, in Windows. See TechNote 14164, Objects placed using Insert Object display as red boxes in Flash player. For additional information please refer to General Macintosh Troubleshooting.

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