On some systems, users see a blank or black screen while attempting to play protected video content on services such as Amazon Instant Video. The Adobe Flash Player automatically downloads a specific module used for protected video content playback on first use. Occasionally, an incorrect or corrupted Adobe Access DRM (Digital Rights Management) module causes this problem.

You can see an error [3320 - HostAuthenticateFailed] or a [2203 - IOErrorEvent] if the video vendor displays error codes.

Systems that downloaded the bad module cannot play protected video content until either 1) a Flash Player upgrade or 2) removal of the DRM module. This document describes how to remove the DRM module manually on all supported platforms. Then, Adobe Flash Player can upgrade to the corrected DRM module.

Supported Adobe Flash Player versions

Note: This document applies to Flash Player 10.3 on Mac OSX and 11.x on all supported platforms.

Remove the incorrect Adobe Access DRM module

Ensuring installation of the correct Flash Player library and removal of the Adobe Access DRM module restores video playback with protected content. Delete the Flash Player "NativeCache" directory to clear the bad DRM module.

Warning: Be careful that no other directories are selected while deleting /NativeCache. This action could corrupt your operating system installation!

Follow the steps below for your platform to delete the entire contents of the Flash Player "/NativeCache" directory containing DRM modules:

Mac OS X

Using Finder:

~/Library/Caches/Adobe/Flash Player/NativeCache/

For example: /Users/John/Library/Caches/Adobe/Flash Player/NativeCache/

NOTE: The ~/Library/ directory is hidden in Mac OSX Lion. In order to make it visible and select "Go" from the Finder menu while pressing the "Option" key. This will reveal the 'Library' directory/menu pick.


Using Windows Explorer:

Windows 7 / Vista
%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Flash Player\NativeCache

Windows XP
%HOMEPATH%\Application Data\Adobe\Flash Player\NativeCache


Using a shell:


Test protected video content playback using the demo player

Now, try playing protected content. Some example content is located below: (all URLs are case-sensitive)

  1. Launch the Adobe demo video player container:
    Note the Adobe Flash Player version in the lower left section of the demo video shell.
  2. Play sample protected content to install the corrected Adobe Access DRM module.

    Enter the following URL in the field "Input the video URL:" (case-sensitive)
  3. Press the [Play] button at the bottom of the video container.

Now that the corrupted DRM module has been replaced, you can play protected content (this video is called the Getty "train" video).

Inspect the /NativeCache directory again in Finder (Mac), Explorer (Windows) or though a command shell (see specific OS locations above).

The Adobe Access DRM module name has "adobecp" in it.

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