By default, Safari 6.1 and later play rich-media content in Safe Mode. Safe Mode protects users by restricting what can be done with content created in Adobe Flash. But, it also prevents some content from working correctly, such as installing AIR applications or Adobe Connect Add-in.

If you trust the current domain, you can use the following steps to enable the content to run in Unsafe Mode. Unsafe Mode places fewer restrictions on content so the content can work correctly.

This behavior is the default for Safari.


  1. With the website open, choose Safari > Preferences.

    Choose Preferences
  2. Select Manage Website Settings in the Security tab of the Preferences panel.

    Select Manage Website Settings
  3. Select your website from the list of currently open websites.

  4. Choose Run in Unsafe Mode from the pop-up menu.

    Select Run in Unsafe Mode
  5. In the subsequent alert, click Trust.

    Click Trust
  6. Click Done, and close the Preferences panel.

  7. Reload the browser page, to enable the change.

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