December 10th, 2013

Please see our main Release Notes | Flash Player® 11.9 AIR® 3.9 page for the current version number, most up to date information and a full list of bugs resolved with the Flash Player 11.9 release.  

The Flash Player 11.9 for Windows 8 document will no longer be updated.

Current Runtime Release Version

  • Flash Player for Windows 8.1 (ActiveX) 11.9.900.152

New Features

The new features in this release for Windows 8.1 are:

  • Instaback
    The InstaBack feature essentially enables the “back navigation” without having to reload the previous page

  • Tab Suspend
    Independent Tab Suspension is a new feature in IE Windows 8.1 wherein tabs that are not in the immediate foreground of the Modern Browser will be suspended, unless the content in the background is playing an audio/video stream or is engaged in communication with other instances of Flash using the ActionScript LocalConnection

  • Play To
    Video streams to PlayTo certified devices. Once the NetStream object is properly initialized and starts playing some video, the user can swipe the charm, select play then a device, at this point the video stream should be re-routed to the selected device. Once the video stream is finished, the connection with the device will be closed.


Security Enhancements

 Security Bulletin  Impacted deliverables
 APSB13-26 Adobe Flash Player

Known Issues

  • When printing in vector mode, device fonts will not print.  Developers can work around this issue by setting printAsBitmap to true.  Future releases of Flash Player will work to correct and improve this functionality (3640443)
  • Angry Birds renders black and flickers with 50% zoom level in full screen (3639736)
  • The context menu doesn't work in modern mode (3612782)

Reporting a bug

Found a bug? Please submit a bug to the Flash Player bug database.

Flash Player may leverage your graphics hardware to decode and play H.264 video. There may be video issues that can only be reproduced with your particular graphics hardware and driver. When reporting an issue involving video, it is essential to note your graphics hardware and driver, along with your operating system and browser (when using Flash Player), so that we can reproduce and investigate issues. Please be sure to include this information as described in Instructions for Reporting Video Playback Issues. Note: Due to the high volume of email we receive, we are unable to respond to every request.

Thank you for using Adobe® Flash Player® and for taking the time to send us your feedback!

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