Create many report suites simultaneously

If you want to create many report suites without the labor of manually defining each one, a tool is available for all clients. RAVEN is a bulk report suite creator that duplicates existing report suites in a single file. To use RAVEN, download the attached spreadsheet and fill out each of the following columns:

  • Login Company: The Login Company name that each row's report suite is created under.
  • Report Suite ID: The report suite's unique identifier. To process the file successfully, it must follow the same naming conventions including the prefix. And, it cannot be an RSID that exists.
  • Report Suite Name: The report suite's friendly name; what is displayed when selecting a report suite in SiteCatalyst's pop-up menu.
  • Main Site Tracked: The base URL for the report suite.
  • Time Zone of report suite: Select the correct time zone from column pop-up menu.
  • Est. # of PV/Day: Select the number of daily page views this report suite gets from the pop-up menu.

    Note: Be sure to enter the estimated number of page views per day, NOT month. If this report suite receives a lot more traffic than expected, latency occurs.

  • Live Date: The date the report suite is scheduled to begin collecting SiteCatalyst data.
  • (Optional) List of all domains to track: A comma-delimited list of domains the report suite is tracking.
  • (Optional) Copy settings from (RSID): Use when you want this report suite to be a copy of another report suite (such as variable names/settings). Specify the report suite ID of the settings you would like to copy from.
  • !ClientAlert Comments: Any additional notes you want to add.

    Note: This field MUST be populated on at least the first row, even if it's something like None or NA.

  • (Optional) Add new Report Suite to additional Login Companies: If your organization works with multiple login companies, use this field to indicate which additional ones this new report suite can be added to.

Fill out all the required fields for each report suite. Then, have one of your organization's supported users contact ClientCare and provide them with this form. The representative runs the form against report suite creation servers and informs you when the request is complete.