November 1996

Welcome to the FreeHand Graphics Studio! This suite contains FreeHand, Extreme 3D, Fontographer, and xRes, comprising a total of three CDs. FGS CD 1 contains one installer that can install all products. Only CD 1 is required for installation. For late-breaking news, refer to the ReadMe in each product's application folder after installation.

When installing the FreeHand Graphics Studio, a serial number is required. It is located on your registration card and is valid for all four applications in the FreeHand Graphics Studio. Have this number available when contacting Technical Support.

FGS CD 1 contains the FGS Installer, FreeHand and Fontographer collateral materials, including the FGS Tutorial files, as well as the Clipart for use with FreeHand, Extreme 3D, and xRes.

FGS CD 2 contains the xRes collateral materials, including the xRes Learning files.

FGS CD 3 contains the Extreme 3D collateral materials as well as the fonts for use with all applications.


Our Internet address is:

Our Web site is available 24-hours-a-day to download the latest update for your software, or to find a TechNote addressing a technical problem. You also can browse the TechNotes in the FreeHand support center for information and updates. While we still welcome your phone calls, browsing our web site may provide complete answers to your most common questions. However, for additional assistance, contact Macromedia Technical Support in the United States at 415-252-9080.


To generate Macintosh font files using Fontographer 4.1.5 for Windows, copy the resulting files to a PC-formatted disk and move them to a Macintosh hard drive. Use MMPC2MAC, a Macintosh utility provided on CD 1, to finish the conversion to Macintosh font files. This utility, the MMPC2MAC ReadMe, and Style Merger, which makes families out of related fonts, are located in the MacFiles directory of Fontographer. These Macintosh files have been binhexed to retain their file structure when placed on the PC. After moving them to the Macintosh, you may un-binhex them by using a Macintosh conversion utility, such as BinHex 4.0 or Compact Pro. The file names are MMPC2MAC.hqx, PC2MCtxt.hqx, and StylMerg.hqx. Please see MacRead.wri, also located in the MacFiles directory, for specific information and instructions for conversion.

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