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Learn about new features and enhancements for Fresco in 2021.

June 2021 release (version 2.6)

For details on June release of Fresco 2.6, see here.

May 2021 release (version 2.5)

Drawing aids to trace and fill basic shapes (iPad and Windows) 

Use drawing aids to trace and fill basic shapes
Art by Avalon Hu

Use drawing aids to trace circles, squares, and polygons, or fill them with Vector or Pixel paints. You can also move and resize the drawing aids. For details, see Draw a circle, square, or polygon.

Shapes panel redesign (iPad and Windows)

Find the redesigned Shapes panel
Art by Lila Ash

Use the Shapes panel to access your collection of Adobe Capture shapes:

  • Basic shapes are now refashioned as drawing aids, and are now found in the new Drawing Aids menu at the bottom of the taskbar. For details, see Draw a circle, square, or polygon.
  • Find four pre-built shapes in the new thumbnail area to get you started. As you use other shapes, the thumbnail area displays the last four shapes you used. For details, see Add shapes from Adobe Capture.
  • Discover and follow popular collections of comic, typographic, and floral shapes, and use them in your artwork. For details, see Discover and use shapes from popular libraries.

Simplified vector strokes

Simplified vector strokes
Art by Max Dima

Now, your vector brush strokes have fewer anchor points — it simplifies editing in Fresco and Illustrator.

Touch Shortcut in-app tutorial (iPad and Windows)

Touch Shortcut in-app tutorial
Art by Raxenne Maniquiz

Use the Touch Shortcut to easily switch tools in Fresco. To learn about the Touch Shortcut, from the Home screen, select Learn, and open the tutorial Introduction to the Touch Shortcut.

April 2021 release (version 2.4)

Multi-layer drag-and-drop

To relocate multiple layers at once, tap Select multiple in the Layer actions menu, and tap each layer that needs to be moved. Then tap, hold, and drag-and-drop the group to the destination. To learn about other actions possible with the multi-selection of layers, see Select multiple layers.

Multi-layer drag-and-drop
Art by Jonas Devacht

Kyle T. Webster's Spring 2021 brushes

Celebrated brushmaker Kyle T. Webster's Spring 2021 collection of brushes includes foliage, specks, and special effects brushes. For information on importing brushes, see Import additional pixel brushes.

Kyle T. Webster's Spring 2021 brushes
Art by Kyle Webster

Hide or show nudge control

Focus your attention on Transform by hiding the nudge control. Tap the nudge icon in the Transform toolbar to hide or show it. To learn more, see Transform multiple layers at once.

Hide or show nudge control
Art by Roxanne Karpatvolgyi

Brushes management (new to iPhone)

Personalize the list of pixel brushes in the Pixel brushes panel. Hide or show brush categories or individual brushes using toggles in the Manage pixel brushes panel. To learn more, see Manage brushes.

Brushes management (new to iPhone)
Art by Valeria Araya

March 2021 release (version 2.3)

Scroll to zoom

Tap the small zoom percentage box at the top of an open document and scroll sideways to effortlessly adjust the magnification of your artwork.

Scroll the zoom percentage box sideways to adjust the magnification
Art by Wade Acuff

Smaller Photoshop brushes

Reduce the size of the Photoshop brushes all the way down to one pixel for finer strokes. To learn about Photoshop brush settings, see How to choose and fine-tune a pixel brush.

Photoshop brushes as small as one pixel
Art by Erica Williams

Copy text formatting

Have something to say that's worth repeating? Double-tap inside any text field to cut, copy, and paste between layers and between drawings without losing any formatting.

Copy text without losing any formatting
Art by Berwyn Mure

Send artwork to Illustrator (Windows only)

Use the power of vector editing tools in Illustrator by sending your artwork directly to Illustrator on desktop for further editing. Tap the Share  icon and select Send to Illustrator. For more, see Send artwork directly to Illustrator on desktop.

Send artwork to Illustrator directly on Windows
Art by Kervin Brisseaux

Reduced stroke latency (Windows only)

Now, experience less latency with brush strokes on Fresco.

Reduced brush stroke latency on Windows
Art by PeiHsin-Cho

February 2021 release (version 2.2)

Invite to edit your cloud documents

Get reviews and exchange comments or feedback seamlessly by inviting others to edit your Cloud documents.

To work on a document shared with you, tap Your work > Shared with you from Fresco’s Home screen.

Invite users to edit your artwork.

For details on how to invite others to edit your artwork in Fresco, see Share and collaborate

Transform layered Fresco art using Adobe Capture

Use the Adobe Capture to transform layered artwork into a repeating vector pattern with just a few simple taps on your Fresco artwork.

enhance creativity by adding your own fonts
Use Capture to create recurring pattern.

For more details on how to create patterns using Adobe Capture in Fresco, see Create patterns using Adobe Capture.

Draw with the new set of Kyle T. Webster brushes

Try the new Kyle T. Webster’s Winter 2020 brush set that includes halftone, marker, and wildgrass brushes along with a duo of Snowy Hills brushes inspired by legendary Disney artist Eyvind Earle.

Import these additional Photoshop brushes into Adobe Fresco by clicking the + icon at the bottom of the Pixel Brushes panel. 

enhance creativity by adding your own fonts
New winter brushes available.

For more on Kyle T. Webster brushes, see How to import additional pixel brushes.

December 2020 release (version 2.1)

Better angle control for your pixel brush

Want to chisel a mark? Touch up a tight corner? Or send a stroke in a different direction? Whatever your end goal, this new setting means that changing the angle of Fresco’s Pixel brushes is just a couple of taps away.

Better angle control for your pixel brush
Set your angle for your brush stroke

To change the angle curve setting, see Pixel brush setting

Enhance creativity by adding your own fonts

Add your own fonts in Fresco on the iPad and make them available for use across all Creative Cloud apps.

enhance creativity by adding your own fonts
Add your own font

To bring in your specific fonts in Fresco, see Add your own fonts.

October 2020 release (version 2.0)

Fresco reimagined for the iPhone

Draw anywhere with Fresco on your iPhone and unleash your creativity on the go! Create and share your artwork from iPhone across devices and watch your designs come alive!

fresco on iphone
Fresco on iPhone

For more information, see Fresco on iPhone

Add creativity to your texts with Adobe Fonts

Add text to your artwork. Check out the thousands of Adobe Fonts accessible from the Layer properties menu.

text layer support and adobe fonts
Textlayer support and Adobe font

For more information, see Create text and font.

Create natural blends with Smudge brushes

Use the Smudge tool to create Smudge brushes that help you create natural blends and a softer look for your strokes. Combine them with the power of Photoshop brushes and Creative Cloud Libraries, enhance your artwork with a smoother and controlled blending of colors.

smudge brushes in Fresco
smudge brushes

For more information, see Smudge brushes.

Expanded workflows with Ribbon brushes

Create ribbon brushes in Adobe Capture and access them in Adobe Fresco for infinite creative possibilities. Access ribbon brushes from Pixel brushes under Library brushes in Fresco and seamlessly integrate with Adobe Capture and other Creative Cloud apps.

Capture ribbon brushes
Ribbon brushes, created in Capture, accessed in Fresco.

For more information, see Ribbon brushes.

Better style control with adjustable pressure curve

Control the pressure sensitivity by adjusting the curve, along with the six predefined pressure points, to create the required pen pressure while drawing.

fresco pen pressure curve
Adjust pen pressure curve

For more information, see Pressure curve editor.

Perform all tasks together with multiple layers

Apply an action to more than one layer at a time using the Select multiple option in the Layer actions menu. Easily select multiple layers to simultaneously delete, duplicate, copy, merge or transform them.

mutilayer support
Select multiple layers and tap on the transform tool to move, rotate nudge or resize them.

For more information, see Layers and multilayers.

Real-time interaction with Livestreaming

Share your techniques and your creative process live and interact with audience on Behance directly from Fresco via the Share > Livestreaming option.

Live streaming from Fresco
Livestreaming from Fresco

For more information, see Publish, export, and share.

Better compression with 4K timelapse videos

Set the quality and dimensions of your timelapse video. Be sure to set these controls before you start drawing.

timelapse control for size and compression
Timelapse control

For more information, see Publish, export, and share.

Enhanced collaboration with in-app commenting

Communicate with ease with all your stakeholders by sharing a link to your document for commenting right from the editor. See and respond to the feedback comments right within the app.

Commenting on Cloud docs
View comments within Fresco app

For more information, see Cloud documents in Adobe Fresco.

Revert to previous versions in-app

Quickly revert to a previous version of a document using View Version History under In-app version history.

In-app version history
In-app version history

For more information, see Cloud documents in Adobe Fresco.

Seamless document import from Illustrator

Create your artwork in Fresco and for vector edits to the image, send your artwork to Adobe Illustrator via Share > Send to Illustrator.

send to ai desktop
Send your artwork to Adobe Illustrator

For more information, see Publish, export, and share.

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