Feature summary | Adobe Fresco (October 2021 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the October 2021 release of Adobe Fresco (version 3.0).

Apply motion

You can add short motion to your artwork and bring to life any creative visuals in Adobe Fresco.
Add motion using either of the two techniques: motion path or frame-by-frame motion. Get your output in the three suitable formats MP4, GIF, or PNG.

For more details, see Apply motion to artwork.

Perspective grids

Provide a 3D perspective to your 2D artwork with perspective grids. You can also enable snap to get smart guides while you draw.


For more details, see Grids and alignment.

Send to Illustrator (iPad)

Create your artwork in Fresco and for vector edits to the image, send your artwork to Adobe Illustrator via Share > Send to Illustrator.


For more details, see Adobe Fresco and Illustrator.

Vector jitter brushes

Add jitter to your brushes in the Vector brushes panel. You can control the jitter under Shape dynamics in Brush settings. 


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