Fluid brushes

Learn about the brand new Fluid brushes introduced in Adobe Animate 2020 release.

Adobe Animate introduces GPU based vector brushes called Fluid Brushes.  They are the same brushes as Adobe Fresco and have more options for configuring your line style.  They are GPU based and hence are more performant on supported platforms.

Fluid brushes
Fluid brushes

Apart from being able to configure the size, taper, angle, and roundness, the tool provides the following options: 

Stabilizer: Helps in avoiding minor fluctuations and variations while drawing a Stroke.

Curve Smoothing : Helps in reducing the number of overall Control points generated after the Stroke is drawn.

Curve smoothing
Curve smoothing

Velocity: Determines how the stroke looks based on the speed at which the line is drawn.

Pressure: Sensitivity to pen pressure.

Hardware requirements

Since this is a GPU based brush, there is a minimum hardware requirement for it to work.

Windows: DirectX 12 compliant GPU (with feature level 12_0 support)

Mac: Metal compliant GPU.

The brush appears as disabled when it is not available for your device.


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