Campaign Classic Delivery status alerts

Delivery monitoring capability allows you to receive email alerts on the statuses of your deliveries (progress, success, failure).

Campaign Classic hosted/hybrid customers can use a dedicated package to configure real time delivery status alerts. These alerts are emails that are sent to a specific group of users known as Delivery Supervisors. Using these emails, the digital marketing teams can monitor the status of any deliveries that have been started within the past 24 hours.

This package once installed, will create a monitoring workflow labelled Delivery Monitoring that is set to run on a 15mn timer and will collect various delivery indicators for alert sending. 



This package cannot be installed on an on-premise environment.

Principle of operation

Every 15 minutes, a workflow collects information about deliveries having a contact date in an interval of +/- 24Hours from current date. This workflow sends an email with warning, alerts and optionally activity status.

An example of how alerting logic works,  the new functionality will send out an email if:

  • Delivery contains at least 50 recipients (configurable) and :
  • Delivery entered a failed state
  • or delivery preparation failed
  • or Delivery is running for more than X minutes has less than Y percentage of completion and success ratio is below 95%
  • or Delivery is running for more than X minutes has less than Y percentage of completion and is slower than Y K emails/hour.

Cyclic status updates can be enabled using the vars.ENABLE_INPROGRESS_DELIVERIES setting for any delivery started in last 24H.

This update will show total emails to be sent, success ratio, completion ratio until completion ratio reaches 95%, after which update will stop.


Set up and configuration

Set up

The package is installed by our technical operations team on your marketing server.  Once setup following items are created in your instance of Adobe Campaign:

  • An operator group named Delivery Supervisors
  • A supervision workflow named Delivery Monitoring



  • To configure the alerts to filter out any deliveries under a certain size configure MIN_TODELIVER

Example: vars.MIN_TODELIVER = 50 will ignore deliveries with less than 50 recipients

  • To configure the time window for deliveries started, configure the MONITOR_INTERVAL_HOUR.

Example: vars.MONITOR_INTERVALL_HOUR = 24 will only consider deliveries started in the last 24H

  • To configure the error ratio for alerting on deliveries that are in progress configure ERROR_RATIO_INPROGRESS_DELIVERIES.

Example:  vars.ERROR_RATIO_INPROGRESS_DELIVERIES = 0.05 will set the error ratio for in-progress deliveries to be 5%

  • To configure the amount of time that is acceptable to wait before alerting on a delivery that is still in Start Pending mode, configure the STARTPENDING_TIME_LIMIT.

Example: vars.STARTPENDING_TIME_MINUTE = 20  will set the minimal time threshold for delivery in 'start pending' status (time in minute) to 20 minutes.

  • To enable reporting on in-progress deliveries to stop sending alerts once they reach a certain success rate configure the vars.ENABLE_INPROGRESS_DELIVERIES and then configure the percentage of success by setting the INPROGRESS_DELIVERIES_SILENT_LEVEL setting.

Example: vars.ENABLE_INPROGRESS_DELIVERIES = 1 enables reporting on in-progress deliveries,  and vars.INPROGRESS_DELIVERIES_SILENT_LEVEL = 0.95 sets the success percentage to 95% to stop sending alerts.

  • To configure the minimum amount of time that an in-progress delivery is running before calculating it’s throughput,  set the THROUGHPUT_MIN_TIME variable.  This will ensure that the throughtput value that is being reported is a more normalized average of the delivery the longer the time.

Example: vars.THROUGHPUT_MIN_TIME = 20 will set the minimal time to wait of 20 minutes  before calculating its throughput.

  • To configure the threshold for the maximum percentage of the delivery processed used to calculate the throughput,  then set the THROUGHPUT_MAX_PROCESSED value.

Example: vars.THROUGHPUT_MAX_PROCESSED = 0.8  will set the end criteria 80% -- this means that the alerting workflow will gather up the throughput values for any delivery that has processed 80% of its total senders count or less.

  • To configure the minimum threshold before alerting on the throughput of a delivery,  set the THROUGHPUT_MIN value. 

Example:  vars.THROUGHPUT_MIN = 500 will set the minimum throughput threshold to 500,000 before alerting.  This value is set in 1000 sendings per hour.


If you want to receive activity information and not only warnings and alerts. You may want to change : vars.ENABLE_INPROGRESS_DELIVERIES = 1

Update will show emails total to send, success ratio, completion ratio until completion ratio reaches 95%, after which update will stop.


This package is for Adobe Campaign Classic hosted/hybrid environments only, using build 8779 and later.

This package is set up by Adobe. Please contact Customer Care to confirm your Campaign instance is eligible, and request this package installation.