Unable to log in to Captivate Prime


When trying to log in to Adobe Captivate Prime, you see the error below:

No user found for the given adobeid email in this account. Please link your adobe id to your Prime account before logging in.


Browser cache and cookies may prevent you from accessing the Adobe Captivate Prime platform.


Clean the browsing history/cache

The links below are browser-specific guides to clean the cache:

Use incognito mode

Use incognito mode in your browser and then sign in to Adobe Captivate Prime. See instructions.

Contact Administrator

If you are still unable to log in, contact the Administrator of the account. The Administrator can verify whether you are a registered learner in the account.

If you are a part of the account and still unable to log in,  the Administrator must verify if your Adobe ID is the same with which you are trying to log in. 

Note: Sometimes the Adobe ID is different that the Adobe Captivate Prime ID on the account.

What's next

After performing the above steps, if you are still unable to log in, the Administrator can collect the HAR logs for the login. For more information, see Generate a HAR file.

Also, contact the Adobe Captivate Prime support team so that we can debug the issue further.


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