Can't log in to Creative Cloud desktop app or Packager | Proxy environment

Issue: Error when logging in to the Creative Cloud desktop app, or Creative Cloud Packager

When you try to log in to the Creative Cloud desktop app or Creative Cloud Packager, you receive an error message similar to the following:

  • "Please connect to Internet and retry" 
  • "Log-in not possible. Please contact support"

You can't provide authenticating proxy credentials.


Do one of the following:

  • Update your Creative Cloud desktop app to the current version, here.

    Note: The Creative Cloud desktop app is installed automatically whenever you install any of the desktop products. For instructions, see Install, update, or uninstall apps.
  • Update Creative Cloud Packager to the latest version. For CCT and CCE administrators, the updated version is available through your Team Admin console or the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) respectively.

Additional information

These errors occur when you are working in a network environment behind an authenticating proxy using a proxy automatic configuration script.


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