The Kuler extension available in your Creative Suite 6 application does not load and you get the No Internet Connection error.


  1. Close all the running Creative Suite 6 applications.

  2. Download CSXS and extract its content to desktop.

  3. Launch Adobe Extension Manager CS6.


    You can launch Adobe Extension Manager CS6 from Applications (Mac) or All Programs (Windows). If Adobe Extension Manager CS6 is not installed on your system, you can download it from the following links:

  4. Wait for Adobe Extension Manager CS6 to initialize and click OK on the dialog box that appears.

    Adobe Extension Manager CS6
  5. All the Creative Suites 6 apps installed on your system are listed under the Products panel.

    Products panel
  6. Click Install on the top bar.

  7. Browse and locate CSXS kuler.zxp from the extracted folder on desktop.  

  8. Go through the license agreement and click Accept.

    License agreement
  9. Click OK on the dialog box that appears.

    Adobe Extension Manager
  10. The extension is listed under the Extensions panel upon successful installation. Close Adobe Extension Manager CS6.

  11. Launch the Creative Suite 6 app. Kuler extension loads successfully.


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