Creating viewer apps for private distribution

If you have an Enterprise edition of the Digital Publishing Suite, you can create iPad and iPhone apps for internal distribution only. An enterprise signed viewer app is distributed within the company rather than downloaded from the Apple Store.

A subscription to Apple’s iOS Developer Enterprise Program is required to create an enterprise signed viewer app. An Apple enterprise subscription removes the 100-device limit for development apps. 

  1. Sign in to the Apple iOS Dev Center using an enterprise ID, and create an enterprise .p12 certificate and mobileprovision files.

  2. In the Folio Producer web client, publish folios to be included in your in-house app using Free and Public settings.

  3. In the DPS App Builder, specify details in the Basic Details and Splash Screen panels.

  4. In the Certificates section of the DPS App Builder, specify your development and distribution .p12 certificate, password, mobileprovision, and push notification information. (To enable push notifications, the mobileprovision file cannot have a wildcard Bundle ID.)

    The distribution details are not used for your in-house app and should not be submitted to the Apple Store.

  5. Select the Enterprise Signed ID option, and specify the Intended Application ID.

    The Intended Application ID is usually in the “com.publisher.publication” format.

  6. Build the app, and download the development viewer (.ipa) file.

  7. Distribute the .ipa file through email or a server. Instruct users to install the app.


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