Troubleshooting - Why is my s_code conflicting with JS files/ not tracking links and/or loading correctly?

Having trouble with your s_code conflicting with JS files or not tracking links and/or loading correctly? Here are a couple of common causes and how to troubleshoot them:

Issue: A link click is registering as an exit link

If a link on your page is registering as an exit
link in the image request you may want to check the track outbound links
settings inside DTM. You can get there by logging into DTM and clicking on:

Property Name> Edit Analytics Tool > Expand the Link Tracking section> Track outbound links checkbox.

This setting treats any link clicked belonging to a domain that is not listed in the property settings as an Internal domain as exit link.  

Please ensure all of your settings are correct in these areas.

Note: In Analytics, the trackExternalLinks variable should only be set to 'false' if there are no exit links (any link that takes visitors away from your site) on your site, or if you don't care to track the number of clicks on those exit links.

  • If you mistakenly set your trackExternalLinks to 'false' instead of 'true' links that take visitors away from your site are likely to be under reported in visitor click map. 
  • If you mistakenly set your trackExternalLinks is 'true', when it should have been 'false' data is sent each time a visitor clicks on an exit link (before link target loads).

Read more about trackExternalLinks here  


DTM implementation is conflicting with legacy implementation

Do you have DTM and a legacy implementation running at the same time? If so please make sure that the "Adobe Analytics page code is already present" box is checked. Once the legacy code has been removed, just uncheck this box and then dynamic tag management will begin to deploy the Analytics page code to your site.

Read more about Migrating to DTM here



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