Event logs give you more information about errors that happen while setting up your Federated ID. You can view the event logs for any active domain configured as Federated ID.

Use the following procedure to view the event logs for a domain in your organization:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Console, and navigate to Settings > Identity.

    The Identity page lists the directories in your organization.

  2. Click the directory name to view its event logs.


    Event logs are only available for enabled directories with Federated ID identity setup.

  3. Navigate to Events.

    The Event logs displays event logs for the selected domain.

    You can filter the list of events by time:

    • (Default) Last 24 hours
    • Last week
    • Last month
    • All time

    Or by type:

    • (Default) All events
    • Error events

    You can also sort the list by time.


    Event logs are available for viewing in the Admin Console for 90 days. Logs older than 90 days are deleted from the server.

  4. To view the details for a log event, click the event title in the list.

    Event logs

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