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AEM Forms enables form authors to further simplify and enhance the form filling experience by invoking services configured in a form data model from within an adaptive form field. To invoke a data model service, you can either create a rule in the visual editor or specify a JavaScript using the guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation API in the code editor of the rule editor.

This document focuses on writing a JavaScript using the guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation API to invoke a service. 

Using the API

The guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation API invokes a service from within an adaptive form field. The API syntax is as follows:

guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation(operationInfo, inputs, outputs)

The API requires the following parameters.

Parameter Description
operationInfo Structure to specify form data model identifier, operation title, and operation name
inputs Structure to specify form objects whose values are input to the service operation
outputs Structure to specify form objects that will be populated with the values returned by the service operation

The structure of the guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation API specifies details about the service operation. The syntax of the structure is as follows.

var operationInfo = {
var inputs = {
var outputs = {

The API structure specifies the following details about the service operation.

Parameter Description
forDataModelId Specify the repository path to the form data model including its name
operationName Specify the name of the service operation to execute
input Map one or more form objects to the input arguments for the service operation
Output Map one or more form objects to output values from the service operation to populate form fields

Sample script to invoke a service

The following sample script uses the guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation API to invoke the getAccountById service operation configured in the employeeAccount form data model.

The getAccountById operation takes the value in the employeeID form field as input for the empId argument and returns employee name, account number, and account balance for the corresponding employee. The output values are populated in the specified form fields. For example, the value in name argument is populated in the fullName form element and value for accountNumber argument in account form element.  

var operationInfo = {
"formDataModelId": "/content/dam/formsanddocuments-fdm/employeeAccount",
"operationName": "getAccountDetails"
var inputs = {
"empid" : employeeID
var outputs = {
"name" : fullName,
"accountNumber" : account,
"balance" : balance
guidelib.dataIntegrationUtils.executeOperation(operationInfo, inputs, outputs);