How to configure initial page content under a template node


How do I configure initial page content that will be copied every time an author creates a page of a specific template type in the CQ5 site admin tool?

Answer, Resolution

  1. Create a page
  2. Configure all components on the page as you would like them to look when an author creates a page of that type
  3. Go to http://<hostname>:<port>/crx and log into crx.default workspace as a user with access to modify /content
  4. Open the crx explorer app
  5. Browse to the newly created page's node
  6. Copy the page's jcr:content node under the template configuration /apps/<appname>/templates/<template>/jcr:content
  7. Now when a new page of that template type is created, then all the content under jcr:content will be copied to the new page (this occurs before the author even opens the page for editing).
  • See the attached sample application here
  • See the documentation on templates here

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