How to Make a Postcard with InDesign | Adobe InDesign tutorials
Learn how to create a postcard with Adobe InDesign - in just 1 minute. We’ll show you how to choose the best settings, right from the beginning, for problem-free printing.

Now try it yourself

1. Download practice images and create a new InDesign document.

2. Choose Create New... and select the Print tab.

3. With the A4 document preset selected, edit the PRESET DETAILS: Set name, Width to 105 mm, Height to 148 mm.

4. Expand the Margins menu by clicking the little arrow and set one value to 0 mm. All other values will automatically adjust to the same value.

5. Expand the Bleed and Slug menu by clicking the little arrow and set the Bleed to 5 mm then click Create.


Tip: The bleed will ensure that no unprinted edges occur. The bleed is the part on the sides of a document that gives the printer a small amount of extra space to account for movement of the paper.

Create an image holder

6. Select the Rectangle Tool and double click the foreground Fill Color icon to change the fill color to white.

7. On the Colour Picker dialog move the crosshair to the upper right corner and drag the color slider to the top, then click OK.

8. With the Rectangle Tool selected, draw a white rectangle covering the page and extending past the bleed lines.

9. From the practice files drag the "art_postcard.jpg" image onto the white rectangle you have just created.

10. Click the Fill Frame Proportional icon in the Properties Panel to fit the background art to the rectangle.

Add text

11. Select the Rectangle Tool again and draw a white bar as background for your text.

12. Select the Type Tool and enter your desired text.


Tip: Use the Selection Tool to move and adjust your text objects on the background.

Create the backside of your postcard

13. Select the postcard background image by clicking on it .Then use CTRL/Option + C to copy it. From the top menu chose Layout > Pages > Add Page, and then use CTRL/Option + V to paste the image.

14. Select the Pages panel on the right hand side and click on page 2. Right click, Page Attributes > Rotate Spread View > 90º CW.

15. Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a white rectangle.

16. From the toolbar select the Line Tool, draw center divider and message underlines.


Tip: Before drawing the lines make sure that you have selected the desired Fill Color.

17. Select the Rectangle Tool, set the Fill Color to None, the Stroke color to black click and draw small rectangle in the upper right corner.

18. On the Properties panel expand the Stroke type dropdown menu and select Wavy.

19. Select the Type Tool to add text. Drag and drop "postcard_figure.png" from the practice files on your postcard backside.


Tip: Click and drag the small handles around the graphic to scale it.

That's it! Now it's your turn to create a postcard in 60 seconds with InDesign. Download the assets or use your own and share your image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MadewithInDesign to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.






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