Release Notes | June 2019 (13.1.1) release of InDesign CC

System requirements

For InDesign 13.x system requirements, see InDesign System Requirements.

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License agreement

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Key issues resolved

  • [macOS only] InDesign crashes while changing the font or working with the font drop-down.
  • [Windows only] Trying to open a file from ‘Recent’ tab of Start workspace while quit for InDesign has been started, crashes the application
  • Cannot select text on FontSpecMultilineTextEditBoxWidget read-only text attribute
  • Adornment redraw issue for inline page items
  • [High Quality Display] Image is distorted when it is copied, edited using Edit With or Edit Original, and then pasted.
  • [macOS only] Command period closes InDesign unexpectedly
  • Performance issue with printing proxy images
  • InCopy crashes when opening assignment in Galley view with Span Columns style
  • [macOS only] Mouse events not intercepted in MultilineTextEditBoxWidget
  • [Windows only] First character is skipped while typing

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