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Tired of having to remember the password to your Adobe account? Download the Adobe Account Access app to sign in securely to any Adobe account with a tap instead of a password.

What is Adobe Account Access?

Adobe Account Access is a mobile app that simplifies signing in to your Adobe apps and account. It uses your phone to verify your identity so you don't need to enter your Adobe password when signing in. When you sign in to Adobe, the app prompts you to approve the sign-in on your phone. Once you tap, it sends the verification back to Adobe to complete your sign-in.

Adobe Account Access app

Adobe Account Access helps you sign in securely as your face, fingerprint, or PIN is needed to unlock your phone.

 Currently, Adobe Account Access is not available for federated accounts.

How to download and set up Adobe Account Access

Adobe Account Access is available for iOS and Android.

  1. Download the app from below.


  2. Open the app and then follow the onscreen instructions to set it up.

How to sign in without your password

With Adobe Account Access, you can sign in with a tap instead of a password. You can use this app to sign in to an Adobe app (such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator), website ( or, or service (Adobe Fonts or Adobe Stock).

  1. Ensure that you have set up Adobe Account Access.

  2. Enter your email address and select Continue.

    Sign-in screen

    You see the following screen.

    Check your device screen

  3. Tap Approve in the notification received on your mobile or within the app. (If you didn't request to sign in, select Deny.)

    Tap Approve to continue the sign-in

    Approve sign in

    Once you approve, you are signed in automatically. 

     Didn't receive the notification? Try launching the app on your phone. If this doesn't work, try the steps in Frequently Asked Questions.

How to disable Adobe Account Access

  1. Under Two-step verification section, disable Sign in with Adobe Account Access app.

    Deactivate the Adobe Account Access app

  2. Confirm that you want to deactivate Adobe Account Access app.

Frequently asked questions

If you didn’t receive a notification, open Adobe Account Access to approve. If this doesn't work, you can enter the code manually:

Open the app to approve sign in

In Adobe Account Access on your phone, select Approve to sign in. (If you didn't request the sign-in, select Deny.)

Tap Approve to continue the sign-in
Approve the sign-in by opening the app

Enter code manually

In the sign-in dialog box on your computer or device, select Enter a code instead. Then enter the code that you get in Adobe Account Access to sign in.

Entre code manually

 Didn't receive notification on your Xiaomi Android phone? It's likely that you haven't enabled push notifications in your Xiaomi phone. See this page for details on how to enable them.

You get this error when you are trying to install the app on a mobile that doesn't support hardware encryption or a secure way to lock your phone such as facial recognition, a fingerprint sensor, or a PIN.

To fix this error, install the app in a mobile with iOS versions 11 and later or Android versions 6 and later. Also, keep your mobile's software updated.

For additional security measures, you may be occasionally prompted to confirm and match a number from your app to what you see in the sign-in screen. This usually happens when signing in from a new device or an unfamiliar location.

Adobe Account Access has the following system requirements:

  • Your mobile uses a lock with facial or voice recognition, a PIN, or fingerprint (also called biometric authentication).
  • You have a mobile that uses iOS versions 11 and later or Android versions 6 and later.

You can choose to receive the code another way if you cannot access your phone to approve the sign-in. 

  1. Enter your email address and select Continue.

    Sign-in screen

  2. In the next screen, select Don't have your device?.

    Select Don't have your device?

  3. Choose the option to receive the code in your email.

    Select an authentication method

  4. Enter the verification code you received on your email.

    Enter verification code

  5. Enter your password in the next screen and select Continue.

    You are signed in successfully.

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