Apply limited edits to your cloud documents

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Photoshop on the web beta features are now available for testing and feedback. For help, please visit the Adobe Photoshop beta community.

Learn how to try out a limited set of editing features in Photoshop on the web beta 

With Photoshop now available on your web browser, you can enjoy light editing and retouching of your cloud documents.


Photoshop on the web is still in beta, so you may encounter some lags/issues while working with tools like the Brush tool as they are under development. 

Before you start

As you gear up to explore Photoshop on your web browser, check out the following topics:

Place or add images to your cloud document

If you want to add or place a new image to your currently open cloud document, you can use the Place tool to add images.

To place an image, do the following:

  1. Open the cloud document to which you want to add a photo. 

  2. Simply click the Place tool from the toolbar on the left side of the workspace. 

  3. In the document picker that opens, select the source of the image you want to add:

    • Cloud documents (default): Click to access the images saved as cloud documents under the Your files tab
    • On your computer: Click to browse through your images saved on your computer.
  4. Click a photo from one of the above locations to select it.

    The selected photo opens in the Place mode where you can apply transform operations and flip the orientation of the image vertically or horizontally before you place it in your document. 

  5. Click Done from the upper right corner to apply your changes. Click Cancel to go back to the original document without applying changes.

    The placed image is added as a new layer to your document. 

Apply limited edits

With Photoshop on the web beta, you can now easily transform your creative images on your web browser. 

Currently, you can use the following tools to apply edits while working with Photoshop on the web beta:

  • Selection tools — Lasso, Quick selection, Magic wand, Rectangular marquee, and Elliptical marquee, that help you select or isolate an object. You can further refine the edges of your selection. You can also use Selection actions like Select subject and Remove background.
  • Paint tools — Paint strokes with customizable brushes using the Brush tool and erase pixels on a layer with the Eraser tool.
  • Fill tools — Paint bucket and Gradient to fill an area in your document.
  • Clone tools — Spot healing brush, Healing brush, and Clone stamp, to retouch your document and remove unwanted spots and objects.
  • Trim edges and straighten images using the Crop tool.

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