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Explore the workspace in Photoshop on the web beta and find where all your favorite tools are

As you launch Photoshop on the web beta from the Creative Cloud website, you can view the home screen of the app. From the home screen, you can start working on your cloud documents, collaborate with your teammates, and proceed to apply limited edits. As you open a cloud document, you enter the workspace where you can find your favorite Photoshop tools, panels, and other options that will equip you to create composites and retouch your creative work.

For now, Photoshop on the web beta provides limited editing functionality. More Photoshop tools and features are coming to your web browser in future releases.


As you open a cloud document in Photoshop on the web beta, you will see the editing workspace where you can begin your creative work. The canvas displays the area where you interact with your open document. 

Get to know the Photoshop workspace on the web

Header bar

Header bar
Header bar

A. Home: Use the app icon to switch back to the home screen from the editing workspace at any time.
B. File menu: Use the menu icon to find options to create or open files, save, export, layer, filter, file info, settings, and report a bug.
C. Cloud save
: Check the status of your cloud document being saved to Creative Cloud.
D. Filename
Displays the name of the document currently open.
E. Version history: Use this option to check previous versions of your open cloud document.
F. Current zoom levelDisplays the current zoom level of the open document.
G. Zoom options: You can select any of the zoom options such as Zoom in, Zoom out, Fit to screen, or enter Full-screen mode.
H. UndoReverts the last action performed.
I. RedoRestore the last action undone.
J. ShareInvite more people to your document for editing or commenting or generate a link to share.
K. Feedback: Invite more people to your document for editing or commenting or generate a link to share.
L. Export: Use this option to publish, and export your work.
M. Help: Use this option to find all your help resources while working.
N. Account: The Account section displays the profile information associated with your Adobe account.


A. Move: Move selections and layers.
B. Transform: Apply various transform operations to the selected layer or object.
C. Selection tools and Actions: Make a selection with the selection tools—Lasso, Quick select, Rectangular marquee, and Elliptical marquee. Click and hold the icon to reveal all selection tools and selection actions available.
D. Brush: Apply brush strokes and control brush settings.
E. Eraser: Remove portions in your photo where you apply the eraser brush strokes.
F. Fill: Fill the active selection with the foreground color. Long press icon to reveal the Gradient tool.
G. Heal: Retouch and fix imperfections with the Heal tool. Long press icon to reveal the Clone stamp tool.
H. Crop: Crop your selection, and choose to rotate and recenter.
I. Place: Add images from your computer to your document. 
J. Eyedropper: Easily change foreground color by sampling from any layer.
K. Color chip: View the selected foreground and background colors in the color chip.
L. Color switch: Click to switch between the foreground and background colors. 


Note: Click and hold the icons that have triangles on the bottom right to reveal more tools.



A. Layers: Expands/collapses on click. See all the layer thumbnails in a simplified view. Also, see an expanded layer stack with masks, layer names, visibility, and group contents.
B. Layer properties: Expands/collapses on click. View blending options, adjustments, and dimensions for the type of layer selected (type, pixel, adjustment, and so on).
C. Comments: Expands/collapses on click. Add and/or view notes left for self or comments from fellow collaborators.
D. File info: Provides basic file information-Name, width, and height.

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