Use this document to see the list of bug fixes in the Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 (April 2017) Release

Improved Stability

Issue Status
Premiere Pro could crash when playing a multicam clip. Fixed
Premiere Pro could crash when performing a match frame. Fixed
When you are exporting some files using the AAF format, Premiere Pro could crash. Fixed
Premiere Pro could crash when the project gets automatically saved when you adjust a panel divider in the project.  Fixed
When you drag a layered Photoshop image (.PSD file) from the media browser to an empty timeline and import it as individual layers or as a sequence, Premiere Pro could crash. Fixed
When you are using Premiere Pro on Macbook Pro, you could experience kernel panic.  Fixed
Sometimes, when you switch or close projects Premiere Pro hangs.  Fixed
When you reopen a project which has sequences that were created from empty captions, Premiere Pro could crash. Fixed
Sometimes, Premiere Pro could crash when you export projects that have loudness normalized on specific channels. Fixed
When you use the 'Next camera' command while working on two multicam clips with different number of cameras, it could cause an exception and the project hangs.  Fixed
While modifying your open captions, sometimes Premiere Pro could crash. Fixed
After you have applied the 'Morph Cut' effect and export the project, you could see a 'Low-level exception' error message in Premiere Pro . Fixed
If you open a project in which two CEP panels are docked into the same workspace frameset, Premiere Pro could crash while you launch the application. Fixed

Media Browser

Issue Status
Issues related to using In & Out markers. Fixed
Sometimes, media browser does not display the icon for Canon RAW (.rmf) files. Fixed
When you drag-and-drop media from the media browser to the bin, sometimes the clips could be missing.  Fixed


Issue Status
When you use the ripple trim option in large projects, it could take three to four seconds before the updates appear in the project.  Fixed
While you reposition a clip, sometimes it does not maintain the same position when you change sequence sizes. Fixed
Scopes could continue to render when the panel is hidden. Fixed
When you turn the 'Timecode overlay during edit' option on/off sometimes, the playhead could move to the start of the sequence. Fixed


Issue Status
When you are using a QuickTime reference file, sometimes audio does not play from the last second. Fixed
When you trim the second audio track of a clip in a project with the option, 'Enable Transmit' enabled in Project Settings, Premiere Pro could stall.  Fixed
Issues related to .wav files while rendering. Fixed
When you import .VOB files into Premiere Pro no audio could be available.  Fixed
Sometimes, channelization does not work for DeHummer, Mulitband Compressor, Single band and Tube Compressor audio effects. Fixed
Removing attributes does not remove obsolete audio effects. Fixed


Issue Status
When you apply certain effects, sometimes you could notice that black splotches appear in highlights. Fixed
When you go to the color workspace, create any HSL selection and move the Contrast or Saturation slider to the right side, the image could get desaturated. Fixed
When you upgrade from Premiere Pro CC 2015 to Premiere Pro CC 2017, you could notice a luminance shift while observing the Program Monitor.  Fixed
Effects applied to the topmost clip could cause rendering for the clips below it.  Fixed
When you are working with the Lumetri Scopes panel, it could cause increased dropped frames when playing back a timeline clip with Lumetri Color effect applied. Fixed
When you are using the Lumetri Scopes panel, Premiere Pro could crash when youare using the mouse to scroll through the LUT drop-down menu. Fixed


Issue Status
There could be performance issues associated with growing XAVC sources. Fixed
When you are using a source clip in the XDCAMEX format using Sony camera, it does not smart render. Fixed

Preferences and Settings

Issue Status
The visual keyboard shortcuts option does not show the Japanese keyboard layout. Some of the keys are missing from the keyboard graphics. Fixed  
Sometimes, numeric pad keyboard shortcuts do not work. Fixed
When you set a lower memory usage under Premiere Pro preferences, Premiere Pro does not consider this setting when working with large projects. Fixed

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