Adobe Acrobat Sign - OneDrive file upload

The Adobe Acrobat Sign OneDrive file upload feature is available to business and enterprise levels of service. Both Sender and Signer options allow the Acrobat Sign admin to enable/disable the option at the account or group level.


OneDrive is a cloud-based file sharing solution provided by Microsoft, making it an excellent source for the personal or shared document files used in Acrobat Sign agreements.

Acrobat Sign permits attaching to OneDrive at two points:

  • When attaching a document during the Sending process
  • When allowing Signers to upload their images during the Signing process

How it's used

Once the OneDrive integration is exposed and enabled in the account, the feature options will be inserted into the user's interface automatically. Individual users in an account do not need to do anything to gain access.

In terms of use, there are two places the integration is exposed:

  • During the agreement creation process on the Send page
  • During the Signing process when a signer is uploading an image file

OneDrive in the Send experience

When sending an agreement, users will see the OneDrive option in the File selection menu:


First time users will be challenged to authenticate to Microsoft before they can access the OneDrive files:

  • Authenticate to your OneDrive account
  • Click Yes when asked to let this app access your info

Microsoft OAuth


After authenticating and accepting the access request the first time, you will not be challenged to authenticate again.


After the authentication process, your OneDrive file structure will be presented, and you can attach one or more files.


All selected files are automatically uploaded to the Acrobat Sign agreement.

OneDrive in the Signing experience

When a Signer has to upload an image file, they will have the option to upload from OneDrive.

Upon clicking the Image field, the signer is presented with the enabled options from which they can pull the source file:


The signer must authenticate to their Microsoft account and authorize access to the file content.

Microsoft OAuth


Once authenticated, the file structure is exposed and the signer can select any one image file.


The image is imported to the form:

Configuration options

The option to use OneDrive is either enabled or disabled. There aren't configuration options in Acrobat Sign beyond access to the OneDrive service.

How to enable or disable

Business and enterprise customers can contact their success manager to have the OneDrive options exposed in the admin interface.

Once exposed, the OneDrive feature can be enabled at the Account level by the Acrobat Sign Account Admin.

Group level settings are permitted and will override the Account level values. 

The controls to enable/disable the service can be found by navigating: Account > Account Settings > Send Settings


The Sender settings are near the top of the page in the Attaching Documents section:


The Signer upload options are at the bottom of the page in the Upload Options on E-sign Page section:

Things to keep in mind...

OneDrive is a separate service from Acrobat Sign, provided and supported by Microsoft.

Licensing for Acrobat Sign does not include licensing for OneDrive.


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