Connect with more audiences by upping your game with movement. With motion graphic templates and videos using Adobe Stock and Premiere Rush you can quickly create social media posts that pop.

Find a video

Search Adobe Stock and download a stunning cinematic video clip directly to your computer’s downloads folder.

High resolution video of starry night sky against a backdrop of tree silhouettes is licensed and downloaded in Adobe Stock

Import into Premiere Rush

Click on the Plus icon in Rush, and then click on Media…

Click the drop-down at the top and select Media browser.

Click on Downloads to reveal the files in your computer’s downloads folder, where you’ll find the Adobe Stock video you downloaded in the previous step.

Navigate to your clip, select it, and click the Add button at the bottom of the pane.

The high-resolution video of the starry night sky is imported into Premiere Rush

Import a motion graphics template

Click the Title icon in the upper-right corner to open the Title pane.

Select Adobe Stock to search for free templates directly inside Rush’s interface.

Enter “quote” into the search field to narrow your results to quotation templates.

Park your playhead where you’d like the title to begin and double-click the quote template you’d like to use.

We’re using “Underlined Paragraph” for this tutorial.

Quotation templates are loaded into Premiere Rush by entering “quote” into the search field.

Customize your template

Drag your title to the duration of the video clip below it.

Double-click on the placeholder text and edit the content for your own quote.

We added a cross dissolve to the end of the text template so that it fades out.

John Muir quote is added to the quotation motion graphic template on the video of the starry night sky.


Click on the Share tab. Toggle the Local selection and choose a destination on your computer in the Save To… line.

Starry night sky video with John Muir quote is saved to a computer by clicking the Share tab and toggling Local selection.

The final result

In addition you can sign into your favorite social media accounts and upload your newly created video posts directly from Rush, making it even easier to connect with more audiences.

John Muir quote displayed on a starry night sky against the silhouette of a tree line

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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