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What is Audience Manager?

Audience Manager helps you manage your data pipeline. The service is a catalyst that transforms generic users and raw data signals into actual audience segments used for multi-channel marketing efforts. Additionally, Audience Manager provides tools for tag management and audience analytics while simultaneously meeting the privacy and data security needs of clients and consumers. Learn more.

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The Documentation Updates page lists key updates and changes to Audience Manager documentation.

Release notes

View Experience Cloud release notes for information about the newest updates.

Adobe system status updates

Adobe Status provides real-time system status reports to help you troubleshoot issues. 

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Onboarding issues

How do I add users and perform administrative tasks?

  • See Admin Console for information about managing using and performing administrative tasks across your organization.
  • See Administration for administrative tasks specific to Audience Manager.

Where do I get the Server Side Forwarding Code?

This article lists and describes the required AppMeasurement.js and other service changes to migrate to server-side forwarding.

Where do I get the BAAAM File?

While the recommendation for bulk changes is to use the Audience Manager API, the BAAAM tool is offered as a courtesy to help simplify the process.

This article will help you download the tool along with instructions on how to use it.

How do I use the API?

Read the introduction guide to using the Audience Manager API.

How do I set up a destination?

The following article lists the different destinations available and how to set them up in Audience Manager.

Where do I get the Audience Manager code for mobile implementation?

Sample code and description for the Audience Manager code snippet can be found here.

Top 10 support issues

What is the Adobe Campaign segment folder in the Audience Manager interface?

Adobe Campaign can share audiences to the Marketing Cloud core service, Profiles & Audiences. Learn more

Should I see my Audience Lab mapped segment on the destination view page?

Segments that are created within Audience Lab, while able to be mapped to a destination, are not listed as being mapped to that destination on the destination view page. Learn more

Is it expected that test segments won't appear as mapped segments for a destination?

You won't see the test segments in the Destination screen. You will only see them in Audience Lab mapped to that destination. Learn more

Why do my traits or segments not show up in the Overlap Reports page?

A minimum unique visitor requirement needs to be met in order for a trait or segment to be listed in the overlap reports. Learn more

How long after I map a segment to a destination before data will show up at the destination?

Understand how long it takes for data to show up at the destination. Learn more

How do I capture Analytics events and use them with Audience Manager Traits?

Analytics events (conversion events, success events) are fired from Analytics calls and can be passed to Audience Managee by using Client Side DIL or Server Side Forwarding. Using either method, it is possible to get events from Analytics hits. Learn more

Why are there unsecure demdex cookies on my website, and how can I make them secure?

Currently it is not possible to use HTTPS for demdex cookies. Learn more

Why does the Match Rate on my Rubicon Destination show 0?

This table is maintained by Rubicon. Learn more

We are not using AAM but we are seeing AAM Javascript code in the Javascript debugger. Why?

It is likely you are running the Visitor ID service on your property. Learn more

Why can our Read-Only users (AAM group) still create, edit or delete traits and segments?

Please contact Customer Care (contact information below) so that a representative can enable Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) on your account. Learn more

Do I need to Encode the URL Parameters in Event Calls?

We recommend that you URL-encode the event call whenever making event requests. Learn more

Segment/Trait issues

Why am I unable to qualify for an Onboarded segment/trait?

There are multiple reasons why you might not be qualifying for an Onboarded Segment or Trait. Please refer to the following article for more information.

Why am I unable to qualify for a Real-Time segment/trait?

There are multiple reasons why you might not be qualifying for a real-time Segment or Trait.  Please refer to the following article for more information.

How do I know I am qualifying for a trait / segment?

You can use the Visitor Profile Viewer for both Traits and Segments.  A cookie destination can also be used to verify Segments.  For more information on how to utilize both solutions, please see the following article.

Why does my match rate look off?

The following article outlines common elements that can be responsible for a low Addressable Match Rate.  

Reporting issues

Why does my match rate look off?

Match Rates are affected by the type of traffic used in the segment (mobile versus desktop), as well the ability of the Audience Manager system to successfully ID Sync the user. For more information please see the following article

Why Don’t I have access / how do I get access to Tableau reports?

These reports are not available by default. To get access for Interactive reports (Tableau Reports) like Overlap Report, Unused Signals report, Delivery & Performance Report and Daily Variation Report you need to contact Adobe Audience Manager Support Team via

How do I get onboarded file alerts?

You can subscribe to onboarded file alerts through the 'Onboarding Status' screen. For steps on getting this set up, please reference the following article

Is there a limit on the number of derived signals that can be used in Audience Manager?

There currently is no limit on the number of derived signals that can be generated. For more information please reference the following article

How often do the AAM reports refresh?

Each report updates on a different schedule. Some are updated daily, while others are updated once a week. For details as to when the various reports update, please see the following article

Why does Analytics show different numbers than Audience Manager?

There are number of reasons Adobe Analytics (AA) and Adobe AudienceManager (AAM), here are some scenarios covered in this article describing these.

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