The June 2020 update for Team Projects offers improvements to general quality, fixes for some crashing bugs, and an update of the product icon. For information on the bugs fixed in this version of Team Projects, see Fixed issues in Team Projects.

November 2019 release

The November 2019 release of Team Projects offers quality and stability enhancements, along with fix for a host of issues. For more information on the bugs fixed in this version, see Fixed issues in Team Projects.

April 2019 release


After Effects experience improvements

Now you can quickly open a team project in After Effects. With asynchronous media loading, content finishes loading in the background as you work. This release also introduces added support for Editing Original AE comps as well as the option to Create New After Effects Composition.


User Experience improvements

In the Manage Team Projects dialogue, you can now search and filter by project name. This release of Team Projects also introduces enhanced support for Google Drive, Box, and One Drive.

Previous releases of Team Projects