Help acquiring your product | Orders & returns

Online orders and payment

See Online order and payment FAQ to get help with

  • Choosing an upgrade or a new product 
  • Checking order or refund status
  • Downloading a product
  • Placing or changing an order 
  • Purchasing and payment options
  • Placing a tax-exempt order

Shipping, delivery, and order status

See Order tracking and shipping to get help with

  • Order status and tracking
  • Delivery options and shipping costs

Returns and refunds

See Return, cancel, or exchange an order to get help with

  • Returning a product purchased from Adobe or a reseller
  • Checking refund status

Education products

See Education FAQ to get help with

  • Eligibility for education discounts
  • Purchasing products at an education discount
  • Information about Student and Teacher Edition software
  • Checking verification and order status

Adobe Volume Licensing

See Volume Licensing FAQ to get help with 

  • Your serial number, activation code, activation key, or key code
  • Logging in to the Licensing website
  • Downloading volume licensing software
  • Volume licensing orders
  • Managing your account


Upgrade information for CS6 from a previous suite or product

Upgrade policy after product announcement

  • Determine if you're eligible for a complimentary upgrade
  • Place an order for a complimentary upgrade


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