Valid proof of purchase

Valid proof of purchase

Adobe accepts the following items as proof of purchase:

  • An Adobe order number
  • A copy of a sales receipt or shipping invoice from a reseller that lists the following information:
    • Reseller name and address
    • Adobe product and version purchased
    • Purchase date
    • Purchase price
  • For Amazon ESD (download) orders, the order confirmation email or account order confirmation

Note: If there is a customer or company name on the proof of purchase, it must match your name or the company name in your account. Retail receipts without a company or individual name are acceptable.

If the proof of purchase you received doesn't include this information, contact the reseller for a replacement proof of purchase.

Invalid proof of purchase

The following items do not qualify as proof of purchase:

  • Purchase orders, quotes, or delivery notes
  • Receipts that are handwritten, typed, or created with a word processor
  • Receipts from purchases made on Internet auction sites (such as Amazon Marketplace) 
  • Receipts from an OEM version of an Adobe product that was sold separately (not bundled with a hard good)
  • Receipts showing a purchase price that is discounted more than 25% off for full retail or educational products, or more than 30% off for upgrade products (some product exceptions apply)
  • Receipts for a download that was not purchased from a legitimate reseller
  • A serial number

Submit your proof of purchase to Adobe

  1. Contact us to get a case number if you don't already have one.

  2. Scan the receipt if it isn't in electronic format.

  3. Find your case number and select View details.

    View details in Support history

  4. Add the receipts using the Attach file and the Submit buttons. You can provide additional information in the text box if you like. 

    Attach invoice to support

    Thereafter, your attachments and comments will be displayed for your support case.



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