Send a PDF by email from Acrobat

You can send PDF files directly from Acrobat or Acrobat Reader using a webmail account like Gmail or Yahoo. To do so, you have to add a webmail account in Acrobat and allow access to the account while signing in from Acrobat for the first time.

Steps to send a PDF by email from Acrobat

Open the PDF in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, and click the Send File By Email icon ( ) in the top-right corner of the toolbar.

Send your PDF file by email

In the Send by Email dialog box, do one of the following:

  1. Choose your default email application - Microsoft Outlook (Windows), or Mail (macOS), and then click Next.

    Send file via default email client


    The Attach a Link switch is turned on by default; a shared view-only link to the PDF will be added in the email body. If you want to attach the PDF instead of the link, click the switch to turn it off.

  2. Your default email client opens the email draft. Enter the recipient's email address and send.

  1. Select Webmail in the drop-down list and then select Add Gmail.

    Send a file from your Gmail account

  2. In the Add New Gmail Account dialog box, enter your email address and click OK. Enter the password when prompted in the browser window.

    Enter your Gmail address

  3. Acrobat requests your permission to access your Gmail contacts, and manage drafts and send emails. Click Allow in both the permission dialog boxes, and then click Allow in the confirmation dialog.

    Permission to create an email draft

    Acrobat permission dialog to access Gmail contacts

    Confirm your permission choices

  4. The browser prompts you to go back to Acrobat to complete the send mail workflow. Click Open Adobe Acrobat.

    Open in Acrobat

  5. A draft email is displayed in a new browser window. Enter the recipient's email addresses and send.

  1. Select Webmail, and then select Add Other email address you use.

    Add other webmail

  2. Enter the email address, password, IMAP, SMTP settings in the Add Webmail Account dialog and click Add.

    Add webmail details

  3. After the webmail is configured, click Next. In your webmail draft, enter the recipient's emal address and send.

Set your default email accounts in Acrobat

You can add, delete, or set your desired email account as default in Acrobat.

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences (Windows), or Acrobat > Preferences (macOS).

  2. Choose Email Accounts in the left pane of the Preferences window. Do any of the following tasks:

    • Set default email account: Choose an email account, and click Make Default.
    • Delete an email account: Choose an email account, and click Delete.
    • Add account: Click Add Account and enter the required information when prompted.
    Add, delete, or set an email account as default

  3. Click OK.


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