Sending an In-App message

Once your In-App message has been created and personalized, you can perform tests and send it to your targeted audience.

Previewing the In-App message

Before sending your In-App message, you can test with your test profiles to check what your targeted audience will see when they receive your delivery.

  1. From your delivery dashboard, click the Content block to come back to the content editor of the In-App message.

  2. Click the Preview button.

  3. Click the Select a test profile button and select one of your test profiles to start previewing your delivery. For more information on test profiles, refer to this section.

  4. Check your message on different devices such as Android, iPhone phones or even tablets. You can also check if your personalization fields are retrieving the right data.


Sending your In-App message

Once you have finished preparing your delivery and the approval steps have been carried out, you can send your message.

  1. Click Prepare to compute the target and generate the messages.

  2. Once the preparation has finished successfully, the Deployment window presents the following KPIs: Target and To deliver.

    You can check the Deployment window by clicking the button for potential exclusions or errors in your delivery.

  3. Click Confirm to start sending your In-App message.

  4. Check the status of your delivery through the message dashboard and logs. For more on this, refer to this section.


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