When you submit an app update to a store, the version number of the update must be higher than the version number of the existing app version. In most cases, it isn't necessary to override the version when building apps. However, if you used a different method to build your app, you can override auto-numbering and specify a version number. After you do this once, you can turn off override so that the version number auto-increments each time you create or edit an app.

  1. Locate the current app version number.

    For example, if you are updating an app version from Digital Publishing Suite, open the DPS App Builder application, and note the existing app's version number.

    In desktop DPS App Builder, the version number is the number preceding the last period ( . ). For example, if the app version is, the current version number is 17. You'll want to specify 18 or higher in the next step.


    If you used a third-party solution to build your app instead of desktop DPS App Builder, you might need to specify a large number (such as "3000002") when you rebuild the app. If you are unable specify a version number that is high enough to replace your existing app, contact Adobe support.

  2. When building the app in the Apps section of the Portal, select "Override the App Version Number." Specify a more recent version.


    If you used Woodwing or a third-party solution to build your app, specifying a large number is usually required.

    For iOS or Windows apps, specify a higher marketing version.

    iOS or Windows override
    iOS or Windows override

    For Android, specify a higher Version Code value.

    Android override
    Android override

  3. Build the app. After the app is built, turn off "Override the App Version Number" so that the version number will be auto-incremented in future builds.

    You can override the app version number at any time.

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