New and enhanced features | July 2019 release of Dimension
Learn about new features and enhancements in the July 2019 release of Dimension (version 2.3)
align and distribute

Align and Distribute

Quickly select models and adjust their placements using the Align and Distribute option.

export models from dimension

Export models from Dimension

Export specific models in common file formats instead of saving the entire scene in Dimension.

embed 3d content on web

Embed 3D content on the web

Use the Publish 3D Scene (Beta) feature to share a 3D scene over web.

other enhancements

Other enhancements

Find information about other enhancements in Dimension with this release.

Align and Distribute

In Dimension 2.3, you can see a new option in the Actions bar - Align and Distribute. This interactive widget allows you to quickly select models and adjust the placement to perfectly align objects with even spacing. You can drag the handles to adjust spacing between multiple objects.

Alighn and distribute tool in Dimension
The Align and Distribute action helps you layout and adjust the placement of objects quickly, and precisely.

See Align and Distribute for more information on how to use this action.

Export models from Dimension

In addition to saving your entire Dimension scene, you can now export specific models in several common file formats including .dn, .obj, .gltf, and .glb. Saving as .dn is perfect for reusing models in other Dimension projects and preserves all of your decals and object setups. Other formats allow you to take your projects to other applications and services.

This update also includes the ability to add models from Dimension into Creative Cloud Libraries, making it easy to stay organized and reuse models in many projects.

Export models from Dimension
You can easily reuse your models across Dimension projects by saving to local storage or using Creative Cloud Libraries.

See Supported file types | 3D models for more information on exporting formats.

Embed 3D content on the web

You can now easily send 3D content to any website using iFrame embedding. Simply create a 3D scene in Dimension and use the Publish 3D Scene (Beta) feature to send it to the web. The new embed functionality will generate an embed code which can be placed into any site.

Publish 3D Scene (Beta)
Bring your portfolio or product pages to life using embedded 3D content.

See Publish 3D Scene (Beta) for more information on exporting formats.

Other enhancements

  • Licensing upgrades: Dimension now supports Shared Device Licensing for educational and lab setups.
  • Improved realtime renderer: The real-time rendering used to preview 3D in the interactive canvas has been improved with better translucency and performance.
  • Improved Reduce Noise in render: This option reduces render times by using image denoising. This setting can be found in the application preferences and is on by default. The denoising technology has been updated in Dimension 2.3 with significant visual improvements, made possible with Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
  • Import SVG Images: You can now use .svg images in any image input, including as a background or as a decal.
  • Cloud render resolution increase: The size limit for cloud renders has been increased from 2000 x 2000 px to 4000 x 4000 px.
  • Camera tool updates: The camera tools (Orbit, Pan, and Dolly) have had behavior tweaks, which provide a smoother 3D navigation experience.
  • Sticky tool options: Many options for tool behavior are now sticky and therefore remembered across sessions. These include marquee select, magic wand tolerance, and camera tool configurations.