Release Notes | Dreamweaver CC releases in 2018 and 2017

The Dreamweaver release notes describes the recent updates.

August 2019 release (18.2.1 )

This update contains security fix associated with traversing protocol relative paths in a document.

When a document is opened from local site path and is not loading from the Testing Server, protocol relative URLs (starting with //) and file protocol URLs (starting with file:// or file:///), where the resources are not on local machine, are now resolved through http.

If the assets are not available on http, then Dreamweaver tries to load the related files from https. If the assets are not available over https also, then Dreamweaver fails to load the related file or assets.

May 2018 release (18.2)

The May 2018 release in Dreamweaver enables enterprise customers to have seamless connection to servers using SFTP.

For a list of known issues in this release, refer to Known issues in Dreamweaver


In some instances, you may face issues with SFTP server connection if you use .ppk file as private key file. Ensure that you are using .pem file as private key file. Dreamweaver supports .pem files. 

SFTP server site setup
SFTP server site setup

March 2018 release (18.1)

The March 2018 release in Dreamweaver supports Bootstrap version 4.0.0. Now, you can take advantage of the popular features in Bootstrap 4.0.0 to easily create responsive websites. The latest version of Dreamweaver supports new Bootstrap 4.0.0 components such as Cards and Badges. You can also use the new snippets such as Alerts, from the Snippets panel.

For detailed information on Bootstrap support in Dreamweaver 18.1, see Design responsive websites using Dreamweaver.

October 2017 release (18.0)

The October 2017 release in Dreamweaver supports HiDPi display for Dreamweaver running on Windows. This release also offers multi-monitor support for Dreamweaver running on Windows.

When you open the October 2017 release of Dreamweaver for the first time, you see a new starter screen with a Work and a Learn tab. You can search across CC files, recent files, Dreamweaver help, and stock images from this screen.

The following Git enhancements are also a part of this release:

  • Test button to test the URL of a Git repository whenever you clone a repository, or create a remote repository.
  • The Site Setup dialog box allows you to save the credentials that you enter. To avoid entering your credentials every time you perform remote Git actions, select the Save Credentials check box.
  • The Git panel in Dreamweaver supports a Search bar. Type your query in the Search bar and view the files that contain your search query.
  • When you merge branches in Git, if there is a conflict, a merge conflict icon is now displayed.

For detailed information on the new features and enhancements, see New features Summary.

For known issues and limitations in this release, see Known issues in the October 2017 release.


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