Here is a list of known issues with Adobe Asset Link.

  • Adobe Asset Link currently does not support direct linking (sometimes known as “deep linking” or “URL linking”). Direct linking between InDesign and AEM Assets is targeted for the end of 2019.
  • FPO (for placement only) workflows are currently not supported.

  • Searching on a portion of a file name or title may not return assets that contain the full name. For example, searching for sand returns results with the specific word sand, but doesn't return quicksand or sandstone. (4117723)

Workaround: To broaden the search, use an asterisk (*) before, or after the search word.

 - Before the search word (to return quicksand).

 - After the search word (to return sandstone).

 - Both, before and after the search word to return all.

  • User is unable to type in the search field if user clicks the search field while any of the drop-down fields are open. (4117893)

Workaround: Select the search field again, or close any drop-down fields before navigating to the search field.

  • Search queries that return many results may cause the server to become unresponsive. The search function includes assets’ metadata in addition to the file name and title. Therefore, metadata fields can increase the number of results if a generic or common term is used.

Workaround: Narrow down the search and/or try searching in a specific folder or collection.

  • Drag-and-drop and Place actions currently only support embedding assets. Direct linking is not currently supported. Direct linking between InDesign and AEM Assets is targeted for the end of 2019.
  • The first drag-and-drop action on a particular asset places a preview of the asset (while the asset is being downloaded in the background). More drag-and-drop actions on the same asset embed the full resolution image. If you want the full resolution initially, you can download the asset first, or select the Place option from the context menu.
  • During a drag-and-drop action, the message “download it again for the most current version” is always triggered regardless of when the asset was last downloaded. Adobe Asset Link does not currently recognize the duration since the last download. Therefore, it notifies users as a precaution, because downloaded assets are disconnected from AEM Assets where edits may have occurred since the last download. (4117716)
  • Placing through the drag-and-drop action is triggered when a user clicks and holds on an asset, even if only dragging a small amount and the cursor hasn’t moved beyond the Asset Link panel.
  • When dragging and dropping assets, the asset is placed at the center of the file, which is not necessarily the precise location where it was dropped. (4115621)
  • [Illustrator only] A downloaded file is closed automatically if the same file is placed from Adobe Asset Link on another open document. This is currently standard behavior in Illustrator. (4116510) 

  • Users cannot perform any action on a large asset while it is being downloaded or checked-out. (4117855)
  • [2019 products only] The Adobe Asset Link panel automatically restarts when a download of a second asset is triggered while the download of the first asset is in progress. (4117883)
  • If the Internet is disconnected and reconnected while thumbnails are downloading, they will not resume downloading automatically. (4117899)

       Workaround: Quit the Creative Cloud product, and relaunch Adobe Asset Link.

  • Users can only upload to a specified folder, not in Collections or an individual collection. In addition, uploading is currently limited to only the folder the user has navigated to before performing the upload action.

Workaround: First navigate to the folder you want to upload to. Add to collection through AEM Assets.

  • Asset does not appear in folder immediately after uploading.

Workaround: Click the Refresh button in the panel (or navigate to another folder and return).

  • There is no option to check in an asset if a user changes the check out configuration location after checking out. (4115997)
  • Adobe Asset Link does not currently support automatically checking-in a JPEG file to which layers are added after it is checked out. The Creative Cloud app requires saving the JPEG file as new file format due to the layers. In this case, the file will be disconnected from AEM Assets.

Workaround: Save as a new file and upload new file to AEM Assets.

  • Sorting in Adobe Asset Link only works on assets, not folders, or collections. Folders and collections will always be returned above assets. (4117004)
  • Changing sorting after performing “Find similar” yields inconsistent results. (4117862)

  • If the Adobe Asset Link panel is left idle for 1-2 days, an authorization error may be observed. (4117910)

Workaround: Exit the Creative Cloud product and relaunch Adobe Asset Link.

  • The “Logged out” message may persist when the Internet connection is resumed after it had been disconnected. (4117884)

Workaround: Relaunch the Adobe Asset Link panel. If necessary, also relaunch the Creative Cloud product.

  • Proxy environments (for example Kerberos) are currently not supported. (4114362)
  • You can use the Tab key to navigate only as far as the Search field. To navigate further, you require the mouse.

Workaround: Use the mouse if the cursor is in the Search field or “Shift-B” to open the Location menu.

  • When checking in an asset to AEM Assets, the comment added upon check in is not visible in the timeline view within AEM web for that asset (until a new version is checked in).
  • If a user cancels check out in one Creative Cloud app while the same asset is already open and checked out in a second Creative Cloud app, the asset stays open in the second app. However, it is disconnected from AEM Assets. (4117952)
  • [Photoshop 2019 only]: Adobe Asset Link panel doesn’t launch if no document is open. (4116772)

Workaround: Open a blank or existing document before launching Adobe Asset Link.

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