Storage upgrade to 1TB for enterprises and teams

Upgraded storage to 1 terabyte (1TB) for enterprise and teams users of Adobe Creative Cloud.

1TB storage upgrade for Creative Cloud for enterprise and teams

Adobe strives to enable Creative Cloud-based workflows for creative professionals to work collaboratively with members of their organization. To promote creative workflows, Adobe is increasing storage allocation per license to support more cloud-based activities, including creation and management of cloud documents and libraries.

Several paid Creative Cloud plans for enterprises and teams are upgraded to 1 terabyte (1TB) per license from the current storage allocation. To know which Creative Cloud plans and products receive the storage upgrade, see Frequently asked questions. The upgrade has no impact on routine tasks. Users can continue to browse, sync, and manage assets as usual.

The storage limits are updated automatically at no extra cost. No action is required from administrators or users to enable the storage allocation upgrade. Administrators and users can check the increased limits from Creative Cloud web or desktop apps. Information about the increased storage limits is communicated to users through Creative Cloud notifications. Administrators are informed about the upgrade through Adobe Admin Console notifications.

What's changing in Adobe Creative Cloud storage?

Creative Cloud is upgrading the storage allocation for business plans, Creative Cloud for teams, and Creative Cloud for enterprise to 1TB.

  • For Creative Cloud for teams plans, storage quota will be adjusted per individual user from their currently allocated storage to 1TB.

  • For Creative Cloud for enterprise plans deployed with user storage management, the storage quota will be increased to 1TB at the individual user level.
  • For Creative Cloud for enterprise plans deployed with Adobe Storage for business, storage quota will be adjusted at the organizational level. The total number of user licenses multiplied by 1TB, instead of their current storage is available for allocating across users. For example, an organization with 100 licenses can use up to 100TB total storage across the 100 users. Administrators can continue to monitor organizational assets, specify sharing restrictions, and reclaim assets as usual.

The storage limit is a combined limit across Creative Cloud Assets, Photos, and Documents. Users have the freedom to use services, and the total consumption is calculated automatically.


This upgrade is only applicable to Adobe Creative Cloud plans for commercial and government segments. It does not apply to Creative Cloud for education plans, where the existing storage limits will continue to apply.

Frequently asked questions

This cloud storage upgrade applies to Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise plans for commercial and government customers. 

The upgrade does not apply to:

  • InCopy, Acrobat, and Lightroom single app plans.
  • Creative Cloud for individuals and education plans.
  • China plans and other plans that have storage set to 0GB.

Increased cloud storage enables members of a team or enterprise to create cloud documents and Creative Cloud Libraries easily, and share them in creative workflows.

Your Adobe Creative Cloud account comes with cloud storage so that your assets are available to you anywhere, from any connected device or computer. You can access your creative assets directly from Creative Cloud desktop, mobile, and web apps. Assets that sync to storage include cloud documents, libraries, mobile creations, Lightroom images, and PDFs.

Creative Cloud storage is cumulative based on the number of licenses you might have. If you have two licenses with Creative Cloud for teams or Creative Cloud for enterprise, you receive 1TB of cloud storage for each license. In this case, you receive 2TB of storage in total.

Creative Cloud for enterprise and teams customers cannot purchase more storage yet. Adobe is planning to make extra storage available for purchase later in 2020.

Device licensing and Shared Device Licensing education offerings are excluded from the 1TB upgrade.

Users not on Named User Licensing are not eligible for the free 1TB increase in storage.

No, this upgrade is not available to EDU customers (including K12, HED, or non-profit organizations).

No, users will not be able to go back to previous storage.

Users receive the increased storage automatically. No action is required.

Administrators can view storage amounts in the Admin Console. A notification is also displayed in the notification panel of the Admin Console after the change is complete.

The Admin Console user interface will not change. The storage amounts in the Admin Console will be updated based on the organization. A notification is also displayed in the notification panel after the change is complete.

Yes, you can create user groups in the normal way. There is no change in existing behavior.

The upgrade does not impact the collaboration feature in any way.

The default Product Profile can be edited and does not retain any storage value. The storage cannot be displayed in the default Product Profile, because it is overwritten when the profile is edited.

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