SPS User Management


Anything related to SPS user management, except valid requests to add a user to an account. Adding a user is under Base-Account Management.


Customer visibility into internal users

Requests to add user accounts that should be handled by client.

Single Sign On (SSO) questions/requests


Customer request to add a new user account

User administration is self-service and can be handled by anyone with the SPS Company Admin role. Please see the following help link for more information on how to create the user accounts:



List of users

You can retrieve the list of users in SPS/Media Portal by going to Setup - Personal Setup, then clicking on the arrow to the left of Administration Setup in the left navigation. Then select User Administration.

Click the "Popup List" button in the lower right corner. You will get a tab-delimited list of users that can be copied to the clipboard, which can be used later to import user information.

There is a bit of information on user administration on the User Administration help page, but this specific functionality does not appear to be documented:


There is also a way to get the list of users with IPS Web Services. The operation is getUsers.


The SPS help has a section on how to delete a user. You can get to it by going to Help - Help Contents - Setup - Administration Setup. Here is the direct link.


The help mentions you can do this by making a user invalid, however you may not have permissions to do this. If you would like to make a user invalid, which means they will not be able to connect to any SPS account, please email s7support@adobe.com.


The valid column indicates whether the user is able to connect to the SPS system, regardless of SPS company association. You can activate or inactivate a user for a specific SPS account, but when a user is set to invalid, they will not be able to log into any SPS account.


Unable to see Upload User List- Media Portal must be turned on

This feature is associated with Media Portal functionality and it can be turned on or turned off when you turn on/off the “Show MediaPortal Feature” under your personal settings (Setup > Personal Setup).

Unable to see Upload User List- no Media Portal License

I checked your SPS license and your company has not licenced Media Portal, and so this option is not available. Please let me know if you want to be put in touch with your account manager.

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