Real-time drawing and editing

Enhance your artwork drawing and editing experience by enabling the Real-Time Drawing and Editing feature.

The real-time feature drawing and editing feature shows a live appearance of objects when you work on them. When you scale objects or apply effects on them, these tasks are not delayed and get fully rendered as you work.

 The real-time experience is available only when the GPU preview mode is enabled.

Real-time drawing and editing

Set the following preference to enable or disable this experience:

  • [Windows] Choose Edit > Preferences > Performance > Real-Time Drawing and Editing.
  • [macOS] Choose Illustrator > Preferences > Performance > Real-Time Drawing and Editing.

When you disable the real-time drawing feature, only bounding box is moved when you drag the object. The object is moved later when you release the mouse button.


If Illustrator detects any performance issues while rendering objects in real time, the experience will automatically change to non-real time.

Supported tools

The following tools support the real-time drawing and editing:

  • Arc tool
  • Corner Smoothening tool
  • Curvature tool
  • Curvature widgets
  • Direct Selection tool
  • Ellipse tool
  • Gradient tool
  • Line tool
  • Live Corner widgets
  • Live Shape widgets
  • Polar Grid tool
  • Polygon tool
  • Rectangle tool
  • Rectangular Grid tool
  • Reflect tool
  • Rotate tool
  • Rounded Rectangle tool
  • Scale tool
  • Selection tool & Bounding box related transformation
  • Shear tool
  • Spiral tool
  • Star tool

Note: The real-time experience is not supported with Type, Vertical Type, and Width tools.

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