"Maximum Activations Exceeded" launching subscription or Creative Cloud products


Launching a subscription or Creative Cloud products results in the error, "Maximum Activations Exceeded."


Solution 1: Deactivate previous machines.

The error indicates that you have already activated this membership on two machines and you are attempting to activate it on a third.  Deactivate one of the previous machines before proceeding.  If you have access to the previously activated machines, choose Help > Deactivate within the application.  Alternatively, you can deactivate all previous machines by following the steps below. 

  1. Launch the Adobe product.

  2. At the Maximum Activations Exceeded screen, click Continue.

  3. On the Sign In Required screen, click Sign In.

  4. Enter your Adobe ID associated with your membership and click Sign In.

A Thank you screen appears after activating.  If any of the following errors occur, follow the steps listed.

  • Try Again. Adobe ID Mismatch - The Adobe ID does not have a subscription for the product being launch.  To change Adobe ID, click Sign In. To fix subscriptions, visit the My Adobe page.
  • Subscription Suspended - Your system clock is more than three days different from the time region selected for your subscription.  Adjust your system clock.
  • Subscription Expired - Your subscription has expired. To renew your subscription, visit the My Adobe page.
  • Activation failed 194:110 - You have already initiated the "deactivate all" process within the last 72 hours.  You can attempt the process again at the end of the 72 hour period.  Alternatively, you can contact Adobe Support for assistance.
  • Activation failed - Contact Adobe Support for assistance.

Solution 2: Contact Adobe Support.

Contact Adobe Support for assistance. Have your Adobe ID available to assist the representative.


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