This article lists the tasks that you should complete to implement Adobe Experience Manager Forms 6.2.

Discovery and Requirements

The objective of this phase is to understand where AEM Forms fit in to your business and to gather features required as part of the implementation.

Discovery workshop guidelines Forms - Discovery Checklist


This section focuses on ​the AEM Forms JEE/Livecycle​ and Forms OSGi architecture, covering the services, data modeling, and application architecture.

AEM Forms JEE/Livecycle Integration AEM Forms / Livecycle Integration
Forms Services Identification (Reader Extensions, Assembler, Correspondence Mgmt etc.)
Document Services
Forms Service
Forms Content Architecture (Data Management, Data Modelling, Schema and XFA rules evaluation) Data Modeling with XML Schema
Application Architecture (Desktop/Mobile/Workflows/Renditions etc) AEM form architecture deployment
Architecture Best Practices (Use cases, large scale implementations, migration, upgrade scenarios etc)
Best Practices for Designing HTML5 Forms​
Adaptive Forms Best Practices​

Installation and Provisioning

This section covers the installation, provisioning and configuration for ​OSGi/AEM Forms JEE/Livecycle/Mobile SDK and also information on how to configure integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud products.

AEM Forms Installation Installing and configuring AEM Forms on OSGi
Set up, install, upgrade and configure AEM Forms Upgrade to AEM Forms v6.2
Troubleshooting and Known issues in Installation Troubleshooting links
Dev, Staging, UAT Environments Your consultant or implementation partner can help you design environments.
AEM Development tools setup (Brackets, Eclipse, File Vault, Source Tree etc) AEM Dev enviroment tool setup​

Configuration and Implementation

This section covers various aspects of implmentation of the AEM Forms JEE and OSGi features.

Configure Forms and Adobe Analytics Integration
Forms and Adobe Analytics Integration
Configure Forms and Adobe Campaign Integration Forms and Adobe Campaign Integration
Integration of Compaign with AEM forms Reference Sites
Configure Forms and Adobe Target integration Forms and Adobe Target integration
Configure Forms and Adobe Document Cloud Integration (E-Sign services) Forms and Adobe Document Cloud Integration
AEM Forms JEE/Adobe LiveCycle Forms Implementation  
AEM and LiveCycle Integration AEM and LiveCycle Integration
AEM Forms Workflow Server (aka LiveCycle Process management) AEM Forms submit workflow
AEM Forms HTML Workspace AEM Forms HTML Workspace
AEM Forms Mobile Workspace APP AEM Forms App
Reader Extensions Reader Extensions
Process Management Process Management
LiveCycle Workbench LiveCycle Workbench
PDF Generator  Configure PDF Generator
PDF Generator service
Rights Management LiveCycle extension download
AEM Form Rights Management help
Security Extension
Digital Signatures Enable E-sign
Signing Form Using Scribble
Electronic Signature
Using Scribble Signature in HTML5 forms
Manage agent signature
DB management (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MongoDB) Install Websphere
App Server Management J2EE supported platform
AEM Forms OSGi  
Managing Forms AEM Forms Management
Implementation Best Practices Best Practices
Styling and Themes Creating custom themes
Changing default styles
CSS Styling
​​Authoring Adaptive Forms​ and Documents

Adaptive Forms - Basic Authoring
Adaptive Forms - Advanced Authoring
Author Adaptive Documents​​
Form templates and components ​
Custom templates
New in 6.2: Template Editor
Form Fragments ​ AF fragments
Create an adaptive form using a set of adaptive forms
Adaptive Form Expressions Rule Editor
Form Expression
Form expression examples
Localized Adaptive Forms
Translation Management
Other offerings in 6.2
​ ​ ​ ​
Adaptive Form on AEM Site page
​Deeper Integration with Marketing Cloud:
​        AEM Mobile
Correspondence Management Correspondence Management
Document of Record Review Document Services
Generate document for XFA based AF
Forms portal Using Forms portal components
Offline Data Collection Offline Data Collection
Work offline mode
Creating accessible adaptive forms
HTML5 forms and design accessible
Accessible tables


This section covers Correspondence Management Migration when migrating from Livecycle to AEM forms OSGI.

(upgrade) Migrate Correspondence Management assets from earlier versions Correspondence Management migration utility


This section covers the administration of Livecycle​​ processes, application ​​​administration and custom reports generation.

LiveCycle Process Administration Workbench Index
LiveCycle Application and Workflow Administration
Creating and managing processes


Handling PII Data Handling PII Data
Form Portal Storage Custom   Provider Configurations

Implementing Custom Draft & Submission Services
Reference implementati​on

Reverse Replication Management Reverse replication management
Dispatcher Configuration Dispatcher configuration
Security Best Practices
LiveCycle Hardning Security (AEM forms on JEE only)


This section covers performance tuning of AEM Forms server​ and optimization recommendations.

LiveCycle, AEM Forms OSGi and Forms JEE - Performance evaluation and management Performance tuning of AEM forms server
Architecture and deployment topologies for AEM forms
Performance Optimization


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