The following is a comparison between image request responses when implementing Adobe Analytics code:

200 OK: This response is the most common response from the Analytics data collection servers. It means that the image request was successfully received and a transparent image was sent to the site.

302 FOUND: There are a couple reasons why users receive this response:

  • The first image request of a visitor: A redirect occurs if a user visits your site for the first time to obtain a visitor cookie. The redirect does not affect data collection.
  • Integration between comScore and analytics: If your organization has comScore and analytics concurrently implemented, each image request always results in a 302 response.

404 NOT FOUND: This error means that the image request was not found, and data has not been sent to the Adobe's data collection servers. This error also occurs if a hardcoded image request is configured improperly. If your organization cannot determine the root cause of an image request not being located, have a supported user contact Customer Care for assistance.

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