What font types does Scene7 FXG support?


Scene7 templates support OpenType (OTF), TrueType (TTF), and Type 1 Postscript (Windows only) fonts.

When you choose Export or Save As to save a local copy of the Scene7 FXG, a fonts folder is created in the assets folder.


  • When you perform a manual export of an s7FXG with fonts from CS5, a Fonts folder is created in the assets folder. These fonts aren't pushed unless the user pushes them manually, in cases where the fonts exist in the company. If the user grabs everything from the assets folder and pushes them manually, there can be duplication of the fonts.
  • Use “Upload and Preview” in s7CSXS to prevent duplicated fonts.
  • Upload and publish all fonts used in your template. Make sure that you have a license to post the fonts on the Internet in your end-user application. (The only font natively available to Scene7 is Arial.)

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