How do I sharpen an FXG request? Is sharpening is supported in Adobe Graphics Manager (AGM)?

Here are the supported modifiers for Image Serving and AGM requests:

If your'e calling an FXG with text, AGM renders the text at the size applied to the URL request, making it as sharp as possible. But, any images requested come back at the default ppi, often having image content look blurry.  Try passing this parameter in the URLTo make sure that any bitmaps are rendered at 300 ppi (for example):


If your images don't have that resolution in it, then it only looks as sharp as the source file can support.

Alternatively, wrap the w2p request inside an IS/image request. You can then use IS sharpening commands on the rasterized output. But, when nesting an FXG inside a pure IS call, you lose the precision you get with vector-based rendering. And, the nested FXG becomes an embedded image.

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