Explore fundamental Illustrator tools for simplifying your logo design workflow.

Simple and stylized vector image of an owl face on a bright blue background

Logos are best as vector artwork

A vector graphic can incorporate shapes, text, and curves. Unlike an image, which consists of pixels that blur and distort when the image is resized, vector artwork can be resized as big or as small as needed without losing its clarity. That makes vector the ideal format for logos since they are used in a multitude of projects.

Side by side graphic of a rocket ship in vector on the left and a blurry raster version of the same image on the right

The most common types of vector files are:

  • .ai: Adobe Illustrator: commonly used in print media and digital graphics.
  • .svg: Scalable Vector Graphics: useful for the web.

Precise, yet flexible, shape tools

Depending on the type of logo you create (with or without text, for example), you’ll likely need to include shapes and drawn content. The Shape tools are a great starting place since they provide optimal creative control and flexibility. The Properties and Transform panels allow for precise size adjustments.

Rectangle Tool selected in the tool bar, a vector owl graphic is shown in the Illustrator workspace with all points selected

Customize typography to suit your design

Easily add text to your logo designs using the Type tool, and adjust the formatting in the Properties panel. Use a font of your own or one of the many Adobe Fonts included in your Creative Cloud membership. 

A text box that says "Owl Preserve of Oregon" is selected, the Character panel is open showing Font selections

Tip: You can further refine text with kerning and tracking, and move, rotate, and scale individual letters using the Touch Type tool.

Add and subtract simple shapes for a big impact

Combine simple shapes to make your own unique, complex shapes using the Shape Builder tool. Drag across selected shapes to combine them. 

Just as important as combining shapes is the ability to remove shapes from one another, also by using the Shape Builder tool.

Refine your combined shapes further

Pathfinder effects allow you to combine shapes in more ways than the Shape Builder tool, such as Minus Front, Merge, or Divide.

Export in a variety of sizes and formats

Use the Asset Export panel to export your logo easily. With a simple drag and drop, you can name your asset, select the formats and sizes you require, export — and you’re done!

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