Fix Brush libraries issue in Korean language

Unable to view Korean Brush libraries? We're here to help. 


Brush libraries from Artistic/Artistic_Calligraphic are not visible in Adobe Illustrator. 

Applicable Operating Systems: Windows and macOS. 


Start using the workarounds in the order mentioned below to fix the problem.


Try these steps:  

  1. Rename 브러쉬 to 브러시 at this location: <RootDirectoryOfInstallation>/Presets/ko_KR/브러쉬. 
  2. Re-launch Illustrator. 


Try these steps:  

  1. Click Windows > Brushes to open the Brushes panel. 
  2. Click the Brush Libraries Menu icon on the panel and select Other Library...
  3. Select the appropriate brush folder and the .ai file inside it to load the brush. 
Choose korean brush to load in Ai
Launch the Korean brush using other library folder.

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