Create animated effect presets to transition into and out of clips.

What you learned: Create your own animated transition effects

There are several video transition effects available in the Effects panel, and you can create your own using Motion effect animation controls.

Animate a clip on-screen or off-screen

Animate clip position using Motion effect controls and keyframes.

Create an effect preset from the animation

Select the Motion effect (and any other effects you used to create the animation), right-click on the effect(s), and choose Save Preset.

Choose an effect preset type

In the Save Preset dialog box, choose a type to set the way keyframe timing will be configured for new clips. Scale will stretch or compress timing to fit a new duration; Anchor to In Point will keep the current timing, anchored to the start of the new clip; and Anchor to Out Point will keep the current timing, anchored to the end of the new clip.

Add a description

Descriptions appear as a pop-up in the Effects panel. These are useful for telling the difference between multiple similar effect presets.

Effect presets appear in the Effects panel

The Presets category in the Effects panel displays all user presets.

Apply an effect preset

Apply effect presets in the same way as any other effects. The name of the preset appears next to the effect type in the Effect Controls panel.

Tip: If a preset includes Motion effect keyframes, they are merged with existing Motion effect keyframes when the preset is applied to a new clip. Consider applying presets and reviewing the result before making further adjustments to better monitor the framing and composition.


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Original Media: “The Ancestor Simulation,” directed by Maxim Jago

Presenter: Maxim Jago